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*Aside from taking Provital, healthy lifestyle and balanced diet are important to achieve an optimal health.



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Introducing new Provital Immuna Plus.
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Provital Immuna Plus is a nutritious milk scientifically formulated for
adults 40 years old and above, with Yeast Beta-glucan, Selenium
and Vitamin C to support the immune system.

Triple Immunity Protection

Yeast Beta-glucan

Helps to activate immune responses to fight against infections and colds1.


Regulates your body’s immune functions2.

Vitamin C

Strengthens your immune defenses3.

Disclaimer:Benefits from the 3 nutrients: yeast beta-glucan, selenium and vitamin C
Reference: 1. Fuller R et. al Nutrition 2012. 2. Guilin OM Nutrients 2019. 3. Carr AC, Maggini S. Nutrients 2017.

NOT all Beta-glucans are the same

Beta-glucan from different sources provide different functions

Yeast Beta-glucan

is not that widely available and is known for its ability to
enhance the immune system by activating the immune
cells to destroy pathogens.

Cereal Beta-glucan (oat, barley)

helps to lower cholesterol but
does not provide immune benefits.

Fuller et al. Nutrition 2012.
EA Murphy et al. Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care, 2010.

As years go by,
immunity weakens1

With the rapid emergence of new germs and
viruses, having a strong immunity is more
important than ever before.

Although our immunity weakens as the years go
by, we can always make a difference when it comes
to our health at any age.

Qin L, Ling X, Qiu Z. Aging (Albany NY) 2016

Common signs of a weakened immunity

Frequent colds
and coughs

Poor skin condition
such as eczema

Muscle pain
and soreness

Constant tiredness
and lack of energy

Sudden high fever



1. Penn Medicine. 6 signs you have a weakened immune system
2. LJFW Versprille  Public Health 2019

Provital Immuna Plus -
The only brand with Yeast Beta-glucan*


2 glasses of Provital Immuna Plus provide you with 204mg of yeast beta-glucan, which can help to support the immune
system associated with colds.

*Compared to other key adult nutrition brands in the market as of May 2021.

2 glasses of Provital Immuna Plus contain the nutrient level of:


2 slices of chicken
breast (44g)

Vitamin A

1 baby carrot (26g)

Folic Acid

4 cups of spinach

Vitamin B12

2 slices of salmon

Vitamin C

⅔ orange (76g)

Vitamin D

4 egg yolks

Vitamin E

1 cup of peanuts


2 steaks (200g)


2 tomatoes


2 small potatoes


7 medium mushrooms


50 prawns

US Department of Agriculture, Food Data Central


Less than 1 minute to check your past 12 months immune status


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